Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Open Letter

I've been intensely selfish lately, and honestly, I take extreme pride in it.  I feel sorry for those who give the word 'selfish' a negative connotation. While the concern of others is important, one must take the time to focus on him/herself, because there are consequences for refusing focus on oneself. I unfortunately learned that the hard way.

As most people reading this may know, I have stepped down as head of Just Plain Sounds. I did so, because I felt like I was losing sight of the music that I wanted to create and came more absorbed with the business side of things.  I know it's a part of being a producer, but suddenly, I decided that it wasn't for me.  Honestly, I just want to do what I want to in music. All of my dreams have come to fruition and now I feel that people know what I want to accomplish to the point that I can get someone to help continue the dream. I just want to take the time to enjoy the people, places, things, and concepts that my life presents me without having the pressure of wondering if everything is going not only the way that I want it to go, but how it's being received by those who are paying close attention to my work.

After I made the decision, I had a conversation with a friend who was in the same situation as I found myself in. He told me that it was a sudden epiphany for him, also. He decided that, although he entirely enjoyed his time in his position, he needed to take time and work on what he had on his agenda for a long time even if that required giving the position up.  If there were any apprehensions present for me before, I found myself a little more comfortable with my decision simply based on hearing someone else's similar experience.

To all of the artists that have wanted to collaborate with me and I haven't necessarily been the easiest to get ahold of, do not take it personally. I respect the work that you do and would like to be a part of that.  I just have to take the time to live life in a fashion that is acceptable to me even if it doesn't necessarily work in conjunction with collaboration with others.  To all of my listeners who may feel that my sound is starting to become a little different from what it was before (not necessarily in a way that you'd like), I'm sorry... well, kinda... Part of me would like to keep making the music that I have been making.  It's a sound I have created and recieved praise for, and I thank those who have given their respect. The reason that I'm not sorry is because right now, I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing.  I just finally learned to let go and do what is important to me. I do apppreciate those who listen to my music; however, I will say this: those that I appreciate more are those that listen to and appreciate the music that I do and will create regardless of what they're used to hearing from me. Whoever you may be, feel free to hit me up and ask anything or simply discuss the direction that I'm taking. I will most definitely feel free to share with those who take the time and care to inquire about my creative process. It is one that is very personal and detailed. Thank you for reading


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