Friday, July 23, 2010

It's almost here...

1. Take One (feat. Joey Ripps)
2. This Is Madness (Just Plain Black) (feat. Black Liquid)
3. I'm Not Lyin' (feat. Octavion Xcellence)
4. No Title For It (feat. Ohbliv and Gordy Michael)
5. I Listen 2 Classical (feat. Sleaze)
6. Request (feat. Barcodez and SamSun of the Photosynthesizers)
7. Primetime Bandit (Remix) (feat. Draztiq)
8. Way Back When (feat. Chuck D)
9. Some People Never Learn (feat. NOTE)
10. These Times (feat. Sleaze and Joey Ripps)
11. Out Of Here (feat. Mic Jordan)
12. Scream Out (feat. Braintrust)

July 27th.

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