Monday, May 31, 2010


So I've decided to start blogging again, but only about projects I'm working on.

Right now, I'm working on SeeWhatEyeSee which is part 2 of 3 in a series which was started by Dig Deep. It's an album that, though bittersweet at times, is one about optimism. It's way more upbeat then its predecessor. It includes guest spots from regulars such as Sleaze, Caits Meissner, and Joey Ripps, and new collaborators such as Draztiq, Jay R&B, Carlton Mackey, NOTE, and Margaux LeSourd. It's also my first album using no (except 2, honestly) samples.

It will be released on June 29th at The next single, "The Last Of This", featuring Sleaze, will be released soon. For now, you can check out a couple other tracks and a non-album track.

Just Plain Ant - Beyond Me [EP]

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